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Discipline (for prompt 141)

Prompt: #141
Author: ANONYMOUS until reveals

Title: Discipline
Rating: NC-17
Length:: 3,547 words
Summary: Joonmyun is awfully protective.

Warnings: ABO, PWP

It’s normal for Jongin to have bruises. Sometimes he’ll sport one here from a scuffle with his friends, or maybe one there from banging into the corner of the coffee table by accident. He’ll have ones from Joonmyun’s fingers splayed out across his hips, imprinted into his thighs, hues of dark purple and fading yellow circled around his wrists. What’s not normal though, are the bruises that don’t belong to Joonmyun’s hands.

There don’t seem to be a lot of normal things happening today, Joonmyun thinks as he lets the pair of police officers troop through the door of his apartment, a slightly sullen Jongin being pushed in front of them. Seeing his omega treated like gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe has Joonmyun’s hackles raising in warning as he pushes his chair back with a squeak.

“Officers,” he says in friendly tones, plastering an easy smile on his face. “What can I do for you this evening?” He’s hungry after the long photoshoot with Ivy Club that afternoon and dinner’s on the table, going cold and waiting to be eaten – but he’s got a vague idea of what’s coming, if Jongin’s messy hair and rumpled clothes are anything to go by.

One of the officers steps forward, showing his name badge and ID. “Are you Kim Joonmyun?”

“Yes, that would be me.”

“Thank you. If you don’t mind, we’d like to talk to you about getting your omega under control.”

Three pairs of eyes land on Jongin. The boy shuffles his feet, dusty pink hair falling in strands over his face as he looks at the ground. The other officer nods and motions for him to explain himself.

“I got into some trouble today,” Jongin mumbles, and Joonmyun inwardly rolls his eyes. “I sort of punched an alpha in the face.”

“Made a ruckus at the skate bowl,” the first officer clarifies, folding his arms.

“I didn’t even start the fight!” Jongin huffs. “I told you, he tried to touch me!”

Joonmyun’s eyebrow twitches. “Did he touch you?” he demands. His alpha instincts are suddenly on guard and poised, and he feels a growl bubbling up in his throat as his expression tightens.

“No. I punched him.” Jongin looks smug, grinning at his alpha before both officers glare daggers at him. Joonmyun doesn’t know if he should be proud, or angry at himself for not being there to protect him.

“You are at risk of being liable for assault, young man! Mr Kim, you ought to discipline your–”

“But he hit me!” Jongin interrupts the officer. “He assaulted me too and you don’t care?”

Joonmyun’s head snaps up, eyes flashing dangerously. “What?”

“In Mr Park’s defense, it was because–”

“Where?” Joonmyun hisses sharply.

Jongin raises his hand and points to his right cheekbone. “Punched me in the face,” he says, and only then does Joonmyun notice how swollen and tender it is. It doesn’t look like major damage, probably just minor, but he thinks-

“It’s going to bruise,” Jongin adds slowly, eyes locking with Joonmyun’s.

The blond stares him down, and he swears he can see the ghost of a smile flit across his omega’s features.

“Mr Kim?” the police officer prompts, tapping his foot on the polished tiles of the kitchen floor.

“I will see to it that he is properly disciplined,” Joonmyun says briskly. “Juvenile detention if need be. I assure you this won’t be happening again sir, and thank you for bringing it to my attention.”

“But Mr Park–” The other officer cuts off mid-sentence, sensing the alpha’s rising fury in the air. They are mere betas; Joonmyun had scented them out the second they entered his apartment, but he’ll give them credit for not having already run away.

“Mr Park can press his charges. I will see him in court.”

“A-alright, Mr Kim.”

“And I trust you two gentlemen will be able to find your way out on your own.” Joonmyun follows them to the door anyway, and throws it shut as soon as the police car leaves the curb.

“So,” he says, eyebrow still twitching, and Jongin starts laughing.

“You can’t send me to juvenile detention, I’m too old,” the omega gasps, clutching his stomach amidst tears of mirth. Jongin’s not a pup anymore, but if he’s going to act like one then Joonmyun’s going to treat him like one.

Omegas aren’t property, at least not strictly – but it looks poorly on an alpha if he can’t keep even his own mate in check. Being present in ratty sweatpants and an old t-shirt when the officers had come in probably hadn’t helped Joonmyun’s appearance either but he was a model for heaven’s sake, and nobody could blame him for wanting to get out of all the stuffy clothes he had to wear all day.

On days like these he wishes Jongin didn’t have that occasional rebel streak in him, but on other days he wouldn’t trade it for the world. He probably still owes Jongdae a favour for hooking them up after the shoot for MCM’s newest line of backpacks.

“I’m not sending you to juvenile detention,” Joonmyun sighs. He stalks towards Jongin, who is now leaning against the kitchen bench with an air of his usual carefree nature. “Why would I do that when I can deal with you myself? Come here. I bet you stink like that alpha.”

“Well, we did have a fight,” Jongin admits sheepishly, and his legs turn weak at the knees when Joonmyun grabs a fistful of his shirt and reins him in until their noses nearly touch. “Ah, I–”

The alpha sniffs him. He noses along the sharp cut of Jongin’s jawline, down the warm skin of his throat, wrinkling his nose at the unfamiliar scent that permeates his nostrils. The possessiveness in him rears its head, and Joonmyun feels it take control.

“How dare he think he can touch my omega,” he mutters under his breath. “The nerve he must have to think he can lay his hands on what’s mine.” Blood pounds in his head and it’s dizzying, his eyes glowing softly in the lowlight of the evening sun. He knows the pheromones are starting to pour off him; he hears the hitch in Jongin’s breathing, watches the dilation of his pupils and wants to saturate him with his alpha scent.

“I thought you wanted to punish me,” Jongin mumbles. “Aren’t you mad that I keep getting into fights?”

If Joonmyun were to be honest he would say yes, of course, why can’t he and Sehun spend their days off work doing something that doesn’t involve hanging out in places where there are other alphas? But Joonmyun’s not his mother, and under the tough guy exterior he knows Jongin likes puppies and chicken and never ever fails to come home to his alpha every day.

Joonmyun’s fists tighten their grip in Jongin’s scruffy shirt. It’s almost comical because Joonmyun’s almost a head shorter while Jongin towers over him, but Joonmyun’s stature is fierce, proud, and dominant.

“I don’t care that you punched someone,” he says gruffly. “I’m angry that he touched you, when you belong to someone else.”

Jongin groans under Joonmyun’s levelling stare, his hands fumbling for the kitchen bench behind him before he really does crumple to his knees on the floor. His alpha’s scent floods his senses like dye on white clothing, and he swallows audibly in the silence of the kitchen.

“Maybe because I don’t smell enough like you,” Jongin says lowly, and Joonmyun viciously yanks him closer and seals their mouths together. Jongin parts his lips, his nerves melting under the slide of Joonmyun’s hands under his shirt to map out the golden planes of his skin. The alpha is forceful, pressing his tongue inside Jongin’s mouth, fingers against his nipples, swallowing down the sounds of his submission.

“Get in the bedroom,” Joonmyun orders when they break apart, breaths warm against each other’s cheeks. Jongin hurries to do as he says, his footsteps heavy as he paces down the hall with Joonmyun hot on his trail, eyes fixed on the curve of his ass.

Joonmyun doesn’t even bother closing the door behind him, instead shoving Jongin straight onto the messy sheets and straddling his hips, trapping the omega underneath him. “I’ll make sure you smell and look like you belong to me.”

Joonmyun doesn’t even give him the chance to protest as he grabs the chest of Jongin’s shirt and tugs hard, tearing the fabric beyond repair. He can feel the prominence of Jongin’s erection against his ass, and grinds back slightly to wipe off the pout on the omega’s face for ripping his clothes.

“Please,” Jongin breathes, fingers gripping the sheets, “I want to be yours.” He feels an uncomfortable wetness in the back of his jeans when he shifts, his mind clouded with arousal. Joonmyun’s pheromones have made him even more sensitive to his alpha’s scent and it’s all he can smell in the soft sheets under him, in the pillows, in the air, threatening to suffocate him. He welcomes it in, wanting it to stain every pore of him. He’s so turned on by the thought of Joonmyun owning him.

“Mark me,” he whispers, and Joonmyun is on him in an instant. Teeth graze at the skin of Jongin’s throat and Joonmyun tilts the omega’s head back for better access, laving his tongue down the soft skin. He suckles on the juncture of Jongin’s jaw and neck, tasting his thrumming pulse until a bright red mark blooms, and proceeds to make his way down to the dusky pink of nipples. Jongin moans under his ministrations and arches his back, only just managing to muffle a shout when Joonmyun bites at the sensitive little nub.

“I should have done this earlier,” Joonmyun murmurs, sucking multiple marks into golden skin as his fingers deftly work to undo Jongin’s belt. He yanks the whole thing free, and tosses it to the floor before getting up to divest himself of his own clothing. He watches Jongin kick his jeans off, eyes hungry, nearly salivating when he sees the lump in his omega’s underwear and the wet spot his natural lubricant leaves behind. Joonmyun palms himself once, twice, and clambers atop Jongin’s body to rip his Calvin Kleins to shreds too.

“Hey, those were expensive!” Jongin gasps, and Joonmyun shuts him up with a rough kiss. Jongin models for the label all the time and he’s probably got more underwear in his drawer than he can ever wear in his lifetime. But one of Joonmyun’s hands are pinning him down by the wrist and he’s having the life kissed out of him, so he supposes he can forget about it.

“So is bailing you out every time you call me at work to say you got yourself in trouble,” Joonmyun says, when he finally lets Jongin breathe. He snakes a hand down between their bodies and grasps both their cocks together, pumping them hard and fast. “You’re so desperate for attention, aren’t you?”

It’s not that Joonmyun minds, because recently they’ve both been tied up with their careers and their own things that they simply haven’t had the time to just relax. He remembers when they had started dating, when Jongin would paw at him every day for a cuddle or a roll between the sheets.

“Maybe,” Jongin laughs. He widens his legs, nudging against Joonmyun’s thighs on either side of his. “Indulge me?”

Joonmyun is only happy to. He readjusts his position so he’s crouched between Jongin’s long, lithe legs, his lips inches from Jongin’s cock. “I’ll indulge you until you can’t walk tomorrow.”

Jongin’s head falls back onto the pillow with his mind reeling, his imagination running wild and uncontrolled with thoughts of Joonmyun throwing him into the bed, mounting him in the only way an alpha like him can. He thinks of fingers inside him, a thick cock stretching him open even further, powerful hips slamming against his body. He thinks of strong hands gripping his waist hard enough to bruise while teeth scrape down the side of his neck, and groans aloud when he feels a wet heat envelop his cock and a finger press into his ass. He glances down to see Joonmyun watching him back with his smouldering gaze, his cheek distended from the head of Jongin’s cock as he slowly runs circles around it with his tongue.

“Fuck,” Jongin curses, and Joonmyun swallows the rest of him down. He inadvertently thrusts up and Joonmyun slaps one of this thighs with his free hand, leaving behind a pink handprint.

Behave, it means.

Jongin’s whimpers fall on deaf ears as Joonmyun steadily works him open with the addition of another finger, the slick coating his digits making the slide easy. Joonmyun always make sure to give him ample preparation, no matter how much how he just wants to take his omega then and there, because nothing turns him off more than his precious mate in pain – and a happy Jongin is such a pretty, compliant and receptive little thing. Joonmyun’s wolf is primal, but his protective instincts aren’t.

Jongin’s fingers find themselves buried in Joonmyun’s blond locks when the tip of fourth finger pushes past his rim. “Hurry,” he whines uselessly, “I’m going to come soon… I need you inside me–” His legs tremble from the effort of holding them open and Joonmyun finally pulls away and withdraws his fingers, licking saliva from his lips as he surveys Jongin’s flushed, sweaty features, complete with heavy-lidded lids nearly closed in bliss.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Joonmyun says as he climbs off the bed to fetch lube from the nightstand. His cock bobs gently with each step and Jongin’s eyes stay fixated on it when he turns himself over, propping a pillow under his chin and presenting his ass in the air.

Joonmyun squirts lube onto his fingers and warms it by rubbing his hands together before slicking himself up, smearing the gathering bead of precome along his length. He watches Jongin’s hole clench and unclench as he waits meekly on the bed, his natural lubricant starting to trail down his thigh. How obedient, and ready for the taking.

“Ready?” Joonmyun asks, slapping across the roundness of the omega’s asscheek for good measure. There’s no patience for a decent spanking today, even if Joonmyun derives some kind of pleasure from Jongin not being able to sit properly the next day, and especially not when Jongin is begging him over his shoulder with those sinful dark eyes.

Jongin nods eagerly. His fingers dig into the cotton sheets and he gasps out in relief when Joonmyun finally spreads his ass apart and penetrates him, so torturously slowly that Jongin’s almost tempted to complain. Joonmyun gives him a few moments of reprieve, stroking his palms across the small of Jongin’s back as he lets the omega adjust.

Jongin sinks down onto his forearms and grinds back wantonly on Joonmyun’s cock, like he’s trying to take more of it inside him. “Just fuck me already.”

Joonmyun fucks him.

He closes his fingers around Jongin’s hips and thrusts hard enough to make the headboard clang against the wall, shunting Jongin slightly forward each time their bodies meet. The omega is tighter than a vice around him, drawing him in with a force that makes Joonmyun’s head spin with how good it feels. The room fills with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and Jongin’s muffled whimpers into the pillow, Joonmyun fucking him into the mattress without mercy.

The alpha leans over and drapes his body over Jongin’s back, damp with a light sheen of sweat, the fingers of one hand curling into pink hair. He tugs Jongin’s head back to bare his neck and bites down on the salty skin, relishing in the low groan it elicits from his mate.

He’s going to look a mess tomorrow, Joonmyun thinks with much satisfaction, biting down again in a different spot. The new angle lets him enter deeper, his pelvis smacking flush against the roundness of Jongin’s ass. He’s not going to be able to hold on much longer.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” he growls by Jongin’s ear. “An excuse for me to scratch you up?” He emphasises his words with a punishing thrust that has the omega crying out into the sheets.

“So good,” Jongin mumbles incoherently, “So good–”

He slips a hand underneath between his legs to stroke his cock, red and swollen and neglected for so long, and finds his wrist being forcefully slapped away.

Joonmyun hisses at him like a predator and takes Jongin’s cock for himself, jerking the omega off without even breaking his rhythm until Jongin sobs uncontrollably, keening and arching his back as he climaxes into Joonmyun’s hand.

Joonmyun continues to fuck him even when Jongin partially collapses onto the cover, breathing heavily with exhaustion. He looks so blissed out and satiated but he’s still responding like the submissive little thing he is, and Joonmyun reaches up with a white-streaked hand to gag him with a few choice fingers. He internally groans at the way Jongin licks at them like he’s hungry for it, his tongue swirling around the fingertips in the same way he sucks cock, and he feels his length start to swell.

“Jongin,” he gasps, and the omega tightens around him even more, grinding backwards against him, rotating his hips until Joonmyun’s cock has rubbed against every inch of his walls. Joonmyun’s thrusts turn erratic and he jerks his fingers from between Jongin’s reddened lips.

“Lie on your back,” he says, quickly pointing down at the bed, and his mate rolls over without a question. Joonmyun’s knot catches on the rim of Jongin’s hole as he pulls out completely and his shoulders sag with an odd sense of relief. Jongin watches him almost sleepily and lets his alpha shuffle forward until he has Joonmyun straddled across his hips again, working himself to completion with his hand.

“You’re not going to come inside me?” Jongin blinks at him.

Joonmyun doesn’t reply, busy running his fist back and forth in rapid strokes along the length of his cock. He spurts ropes of white across Jongin’s chest, cursing with each burst of come until the omega is decorated obscenely with it, some pooling in the cavity of his collarbones. Jongin looks positively filthy, with his hair in disarray and skin mottled with dark red marks.

“Give me twenty minutes,” Joonmyun pants, still coming down from his high – because twenty minutes is all he needs for his knot to settle, and his stamina to recharge – “and I’ll have you face down again and your ass full of my come, I can promise you.”

Jongin’s cock twitches weakly and he throws a hand over his face to hide the colour of his cheeks, mumbling something incoherent under his breath. Joonmyun reaches over him for the box of tissues and Jongin cleans himself up as his alpha flops onto the bed beside him, his knot still bulging. Joonmyun would rather Jongin rub the come into his skin instead of wiping it away; such an act would only serve to fuel his possessive streak but it calms him inside, having his mate so close and covered in Joonmyun’s scent. His eyes fall on the swelling on Jongin’s cheek and he scowls at it until Jongin notices.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be gone in a few days,” Jongin laughs, brushing pink hair from his eyes. He lobs the last dirty tissue into the wastepaper basket.

Joonmyun leans up, about to bite his omega on the jaw, when his stomach suddenly rumbles and he remembers about his dinner, cold and abandoned on the dining table.

“I think you should eat,” Jongin supplies helpfully, grinning at him. “I’m hungry too.”

Joonmyun snorts. They’re both naked and he doesn’t even want to move because his legs feel like they’re made of lead, but now that he’s back in control of his awry wolf instincts his body reminds him just how long a day it’s been. At least he’d made plenty of food.

“Fine. You stay right where you are,” he says firmly, and drags himself out of bed. Without bothering with clothes he trudges back to the kitchen, serves up another meal for Jongin and blasts their food on high in the microwave. He comes back to find Jongin burrowing into the bedsheets and burying his face into the covers, like he’s trying to breathe in more of Joonmyun’s scent.

“What are you doing?” Joonmyun asks, a smug smile on his face. Jongin’s ownership kink has gone for a wild ride today. “Why are you sniffing the blankets?”

“I wasn’t sniffing the blankets.” Jongin’s face turns red. “They were warm.”

“Right.” Joonmyun hands over his bowl and snuggles up next to him. “Eat up. You’re going to need the energy when you ride me after this.”

Jongin coughs on a mouthful of food.

“And tomorrow,” Joonmyun adds, touching Jongin’s bruise gently with a finger, “you’re going to show me who thought he was alpha enough to give you this, because I have a thing or two I want to teach him.”
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