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Cuddly Bros 2015: Guess Who!

the guessing bundle

We’re getting a lot more closer to the reveals! But let’s spice things up a little before we reach the ultimate end. Presenting...the Cuddly Bros 2015 Guessing Post! If you have a hunch on who wrote your favorite fic, then give them a tickle! A nudge! A poke! Comment with the title of the fic and the author who you think wrote the fic. You can check out the list of authors at the end of this post.

Let the guessing game begin!

DAY 1: October 01, 2015

forever and always (for prompt #27)
Jongin chooses Joonmyun in every lifetime. (G, 2,619 words)

My Light (for prompt #134)
Joonmyun takes his boyfriend on a vacation, and then forgets to have fun. Jongin is happy to remind him. (R, 2,100 words)

From Here To There And From There To Here (for prompt #57)
When Minseok said he got Jongin a present, he didn't expect this. (NC-17, 3,230 words)

Blind Dicks (aka (d+p+f)ic) (for prompt #99)
“Just meet him. You might be surprised.” Jongin doesn’t want to be surprised. He has suho0522 and suho0522’s beautiful penis. He doesn’t need a blind date. (NC-17, 9,456 words)

DAY 2: October 02, 2015

All your perfect imperfections (for prompt #73)
The day Joonmyun notices Jongin is self-conscious of his body, he becomes obsessed with helping him getting rid of his dark thoughts. (NC-17, 8,435 words)

A as in Apple, L as in Love (for prompt #133)
It's Jongin's first year as a kindergarten teacher and amidst all the chaos he finds himself falling in love. (PG, 4,137 words)

Puppy Season. (for prompt #100)
Happiness is a warm puppy – or three. (PG, 5,909 words)

make me your pin up boy (for prompt #24)
Junmyeon and Jongin are models that keep ending up working together, to both of their increasingly sexual frustrations. (NC-17, 4,900 words)

DAY 3: October 05, 2015

The Dancer on the Red String (for prompt #7)
When you find your soulmate, your heartstring turns red. Suho has waited for too long and figures his will always stay transparent. So he doesn't expect a strong-willed cat boy to be tugging at his heart like this. (R, 11,000 words)

Won’t Stop (for prompt #136)
”Still haven’t grown any balls to even say hi?” (PG-13, 5,140 words)

Lost in Translation (for prompt #45)
Jongin has the perfect little family. (PG, 2,078 words)

Good Things Come in Small Packages (for prompt #102)
Joonmyun wants to get inside of Jongin's pants. (R, 4,200 words)

DAY 4: October 06, 2015

Silent as Sea, Time Spent Walking through Memories (for prompt #17)
The unravelling of the love story of Kim Joonmyun and Kim Jongin. "Joonmyun doesn’t know when he fell in love with Jongin. It is ambiguous, just like everything with Jongin. It is just the way they exist, the way the two bubbles of their lives intercept." (PG-13, 11,617 words)

Equanimity (for prompt #30)
Like the fraction of a second between every inhale and exhale, when the world ceases to exist and you are finally at peace with yourself, absolute equanimity. Jongin is an ex-Jaeger soldier reluctant to go to battle again. He meets Junmyeon, the friendly rehab doctor with his own past and afraid of love. (R, 8,145 words)

The Surprising Three (for prompt #148)
Jongin babysits for the Kim triplets who he has to be in constant watch but turns out they do more watching than he does when it comes to their Appa Joonmyun. (PG-13, 3,985 words)

Stereotypically Unexpected (for prompt #8)
How does Wallflower Kim Jongin deal with his intense infatuation with the football captain Kim Joonmyeon? (PG, 3,841 words)

DAY 5: October 07, 2015

Bold and Young (for prompt #54)
Joonmyun is a quiet, unassuming piano teacher who has a one night stand with a handsome, pink haired boy he meets at a club. (NC-17, 13,091 words)

Step inside the Storm (for prompt #112)
There's another reason Junmyeon comes to this particular restaurant every Friday for dinner, and it's not the food, though it is excellent, or the view, though it is beautiful. (PG, 2,977 words)

Rise, Said the Wolf (for prompt #144)
Omega Joonmyun is the price to be won at the competition his father the king holds. Jongin of the Borderlands shows up with every intention to win and take the prince home with him. (NC-17, 5,000 words)

Poor Little Rich Boys (for prompt #142)
Money, Youth, and Looks. Three things that Jongin and Kai both have in abundance. What they don’t have, however, is Kim Joonmyeon. (NC-17, 6,000 words)

DAY 6: October 08, 2015

Desire’s Catalyst (for prompt #50)
“Even if we really shouldn’t be doing this...” Joonmyeon whispered against the boy’s mouth, he could feel Jongin stilling in his hold as the boy anticipates his next words. “...let’s do this right.” (NC-17, 17,723 words)

Que Sera Sera (for prompt #80)
(PG-13, 7,851 words)

Discipline (for prompt #141)
Joonmyun is awfully protective. (NC-17, 3,547 words)

Slow Motion (for prompt #55)
Jongin is young, inexperienced, and nervous. Junmyeon is perfect. (NC-17, 6,976 words)

There's Nothing like You and I, Baby (for prompt #127)
It starts with a song. (R, 19,988 words)


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