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There's Nothing like You and I, Baby (for prompt 127)

Prompt: #127
Author: ANONYMOUS until reveals

Title: There’s Nothing like You and I, Baby
Rating: R
Other pairings involved: Chen/D.O, Luna/Sehun, Luhan/Xiumin
Length: 19,988 words
Summary: It starts with a song.

Notes: To my recipient, I hope you enjoy this! Sorry for not following your prompt completely, I really honestly tried.  There is, unfortunately a bit of angst here, at times it’s really angsty, but I believe those moments make the happier ones even sweeter.  So, I hope you enjoy this.  A very big thank you to the mods who were extremely helpful regardless of how many (and potentially ridiculous) questions I asked!

---- It’s often switched between past, present and future tense.  So, it might be a bit confusing.  Also, it doesn’t flow, sort of just significant scenes.  Also, this is probably one of the reasons this didn’t pan out the way I wanted, or why it’s not following the prompt properly, but this is my first time writing anything like this.  And because I have a hard time wording and expressing feelings, the emotions might be a bit lacklustre.  But regardless of all this, this fic is something I’m very proud of.  Thank you guys for the opportunity.

It starts with a song.
Tags: 2015: submissions, rating: r
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